Home video footage for CBBC & Cbeebies lockdown films



We are asking parents to film their children's life at home whilst they are in isolation. We want a range of video clips and experiences to appear in the film. Feel free to surprise us as we appreciate everyone's family life may be completely different and unique!


Shooting format

  • We ask that when shooting on a mobile that you record video in landscape (horizontal)

  • If shooting on a phone camera please have a look at your settings and make sure you shoot HD which is usually 720 or 1080 and 25, 30 or 60fps.



  • Please send your video clips to info@northernheartfilms.co.uk via email, Dropbox, Gdrive or Wetransfer

  • Please make it clear when submitting who the submitter is. It would be helpful if you can rename each video clip for example -


Nameofsubmitter_01 nameofsubmitter_02


If you would like to discuss this brief then please contact Scott Bradley our head of production who will be happy to help you scott@northernheartfilms.co.uk


*Please note that once you submit your footage we will request you sign release form/s for all participants to appear in the film\s. 

*We are a small team at Northern Heart Films so we may not have a chance to reply to everyone personally, there is also the possibility that your footage will not be included in the final film. We do appreciate you sending in all your footage and we’d love to include everyones but it just won’t be possible.

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