We are helping new and existing clients during the pandemic

People are spending more time than ever consuming film content online, so it’s really important that organisations continue to communicate with their customers.

We are still able to provide our usual filming services by taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our clients, contributors, and crew. 

Here are the steps we are taking
Social distancing
  • We'll make sure there is at least a 2 metre gap between contributors, crew and clients at all times.

  • We will aim to film outside as often as we can.

  • All crew present will sanitise hands before and after filming, and regularly throughout the shoot.

  • All crew present will wear masks.

  • We’re keeping crew and contributor numbers down; and where possible, only have one crew member present whilst filming.

  • All crew members working on set will have completed a Screenskills 'Coronavirus basic awareness on production training' course. 

Film equipment
  • All our kit will be sanitised before and after filming.

  • We will restrict the use of lapel microphones. If a lapel microphone is absolutely necessary then the crew will guide the contributor to fit their own lapel microphone to avoid contact.

  • Filming will be postponed If anyone displays Coronavirus symptoms on the run-up to filming.

  • If anyone displays Coronavirus symptoms during a shoot then filming will be suspended.

There's also a number of ways we can make film content virtually

Using pre-recorded archive and mobile phone footage

We are working with new and existing clients to utilise pre-recorded mobile phone clips and archive footage. By combining these clips with a script, voiceover and an emotional music track, we can produce a highly effective film to deliver your messaging. 

This service is perfect for organisations that have had events canceled or moved online and are looking to get their message out there to engage with audiences virtually. 

Using stock images/videos

We have access to a catalogue of stock images and videos. 

Zoom conversations 

We can work with people to record their own stories whilst under the constraints of lockdown

Repurposing old content

We can record a voiceover and repurpose some of your older video clips to get your messages across. 

Animation and graphics

We can produce scripts, storyboards, and animate entirely remotely.

Here are some recent examples -

If you have any questions or there's something you'd like us to do then please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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