Finding 'Appiness

Short Documentary

Short Synopsis: In a quiet Northern town, a young filmmaker and a 77 year old fashionista embark on a colourful journey of self discovery.

Themes: Mental health, Identity, LGBTQ+, Fashion, Recovery 

Finding 'Appiness funding teaser

Character trailer

More about the film:  The story follows Allan, a 77-year-old quirky fashionista, who lives in a 1 bed flat in Bolton. He’s funny and charming but has lived a very conflicted life. After being sexually abused as a young boy he buried himself in drugs and alcohol. 


Now at 77, braver and more colourful than ever he spends his life helping others with mental health problems and inspiring those he meets to start their own journey of self-discovery.


Natasha, the Director, is deeply moved by Allan’s story, so much so that the process of shooting the documentary has helped Natasha accept her sexuality. We believe this adds a unique layer to the film 


Allan is a familiar character in Bolton and has a huge fan base around the world including Vivienne Westwood’s son, Ben. This is going to be an incredible moving film set for release in 2021. Watch this space! 

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Northern Heart Films,
Company no: 12558654

Tel 0330 122 2831
Society 1, 9-10 Cross Street, Preston, PR1 3LT
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