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Samaritans Emotional Health Awareness Film - Building Resilience
The Brief

Samaritans commissioned us to create a short film that shows how young people can cope in difficult situations.

What We Delivered

We set up focus groups and gathered lots of research about situations young people have struggled to deal with. We then wrote and created a short film based on a couple of those situations that are relatable to many young people to ensure the film could have the most impact.

 Using the reversed effect the film goes back in time showing how if they handled them with a more resilient response the outcome could be more positive.

As part of this project we also created a short piece that explores emotional health 'Hope' and a trailer of both of the films for Samaritans website and social media.

They was in constant communication with us and ensured that we were happy with every stage of the production. Their professionalism and working to time frames was great.

The final films are of very high quality, meet the briefs and have had an amazingly positive response from the targeted audience. They are powerful and thought provoking.

I was hugely impressed by their consultations with young people and willingness to listen and take on board new ideas and perspectives.

The films will bring a new stimulus to our teaching lessons and will really help young people talk about difficult issues. The feedback from them has been hugely positive!

- Karen Harvey (Samaritans Service Development Manager)